New Poll Suggests That Donald Trump Is Less Liked Than Nickelback Sooo KROEGER 2016!

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Has the American political landscape dipped so far as to invite a CHAD into the White House over the current candidates? I want even let a Chad into my house party and now it seems like the American public is pulling for a Chad to represent a political party.

He’s already got a nickname.


The fuck you mean ‘what’? You take a hot shower and you’ve got lunch bruh. How self-unaware are you Chad? “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!”

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President Ramen Head’s higher popularity numbers than Trump were derived from a new national survey by Public Policy Polling. People were also polled on whether they had a higher opinion of Donald Trump or the below list of some of the most miserable aspects of life. Trump beat out hemorrhoids and cockroaches but was trumped by traffic jams, root canals, and jury duty, just to name a few.

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Despite a large portion of the general public being outwardly repulsed by Trump, his anti-politician ‘fuck your mother’ persona has allowed him to remain a power player candidate for the Republican party. Public Policy Polling claims that Hillary Clinton leads Trump by just a small margin of 42-38, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at  4% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 2%.

I was just informed that Chad Kroeger is from Canada and cannot become President of this great nation. This is the worst thing I’ve heard since Nickelback’s last album.

[h/t Public Policy Polling, Death and Taxes]