Donald Trump Dropped The Most Aces Own On Poor Marco Rubio Just Now

by 3 years ago

Marco Rubio, native son of Florida, banked the remainder of his presidential campaign on tonight’s vote in his home state. Win, and he could say to the Republican party, the road to the White House goes through Florida, and I won Florida.

He even went so far as to declare that he would win, saying he would go on to be nominee.

Well, he got trounced by Trump. Look at this map.

If you thought Donald Trump would let him go quietly, nah. He tweeted “Thank you Marco, I agree!” after his victory, with video of Rubio proclaiming the winner of Florida would be the Republican nominee.

Say what you will about Trump, and there is a lot you can. He knows how to own people on the internet.

Rubio suspended his campaign earlier in the evening.

Marco Rubio Is Literally Falling Apart From The Inside
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