Language Expert Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Speech Pattern & Explains Why It’s The Reason People Love Him

Evan Puschak, The NerdWriter, is a language expert who does weekly videos focused on the way people speak. It only makes sense that one of Evan’s latest videos focus on a guy who seems to be speaking for the majority of the country these days, presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Puschak analyzed a recent interview with Trump from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Puschak points out all of the obvious ticks in a Trump ramble — jumping from one subject to another, using the term “you” to drawn in the listener, repeating words (especially positive ones like tremendous and great) and Trump’s overall salesman schtick. Besides those consistencies,

Puschak highlights just some of the ways the billionaire business man patterns his words and thoughts to drive home his points. Puschak demonstrates how a simple juggling of words in a sentence brings the main point to the end and makes each statement much more memorable.

Puschak explains that Trumps popularity is thanks not only to his speaking style but because the other candidates are so careful in choosing their words and come off as more intelligent (IE- better) than the typical America voter.

It’s fascinating to see the typical Trump answer broken down in a such a way but it brings a question to mind — does Trump knowingly talk this way or is this just the way he talks? In other words, did a young Donald Trump study speech pathology and develop an influential speaking style or is this just the way the man talks?

Either way, this was a tremendous video. Really. Just, tremendous.

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