Watch A Fedora-Wearing Donald Trump Supporter Sucker Punch A Protestor In The Head

Donald Trump rallies have developed an ornery feistiness to them, something not seen in American politics since perhaps the riots of the 1968 Democratic Election. At least in my lifetime, I haven’t watched videos like this. Part of that, of course, is the coverage saturation. An Obama supporter could have no doubt punched an anti-Obama protestor in ’08, but because no one was filming it, it never became a story.

But still, there’s something about the agitation at Trump’s rallies that seems different. Harsher. There was the reporter who got choked slammed, and now this.

A fedora rocking Donald Trump supporter punched a protestor in the head, as the protestor was being escorted out of the arena in North Carolina.

They were already being led out, having been quieted, with security behind them, when this dude decided to pop him out of nowhere. Now that’s some bullshit.

Here’s another angle.

Police handcuffed and detained the man who got punched, Rakeem Jones, because of course they did.

UPDATE: Police arrested the man seen throwing the punch in the videos. Cumberland County charged Joe McGraw, 78, with assault and disorderly conduct. When asked why he did it, here’s what McGraw said.

“Number one, we don’t know if he’s ISIS.”

Yea, that sounds like a Trump supporter to me.

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[Via The Washington Post]