Donald Trump Came Out Swingin’ At Bill And Hillary Clinton With Spiked Boxing Gloves And A Machete On Instagram



After (basically) coming out and saying that he wants Hillary Clinton assassinated, Donald Trump has premiered his newest Clinton attack ad on Instagram, and boy is it a doozy. Rather than poke holes into Hillary’s political stances, Trump digs at the sexual assault allegations leveled at her husband. According to The Hill:

Hillary Clinton has declined to respond to the attacks, instead focusing on Trump’s issue-oriented remarks and slamming him as a “loose cannon” on foreign policy.

Willey, who accused Clinton of sexaul assault in 1993, can be heard from a 2007 interview with Sean Hannity saying, “No woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault.”

The audio then shifts to Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman who accused Clinton of raping her in a hotel room when he was Arkansas’s attorney general.(via)

Irony, a notion frequently lost on people, is apparently a new concept to Trump as well, considering that earlier in his campaign his ex-wife’s claim that he had raped her while they were married had also made headlines.

But will the Clinton campaign bring that up in their response? Only time will tell.

[H/T The Hill]