The Most Powerful Leaders In Tech Held A Secret Conference To Determine How To Stop Donald Trump

The Huffington Post is reporting that some of the most powerful men on the planet, along with other billionaires, held a top-secret meeting with Republican leadership to determine how to stop Donald Trump.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to chug along, winning the Michigan and Mississippi primaries last night.

The confab came at an annual conference by a leading right wing think tank, the American Enterprise Institute.

In attendance were a veritable who’s who of technology, including Tim Cook, Larry Page, Sean Parker, and Elon Musk. There, they met with Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, and Paul Ryan, and some of the world’s richest men, including Philip Anschutz.

An email from Bill Kristol, editor at the Weekly Standard, detailed that Trump was the main discussion point.

“A specter was haunting the World Forum–the specter of Donald Trump,” Kristol wrote in an emailed report from the conference, borrowing the opening lines of the Communist Manifesto. “There was much unhappiness about his emergence, a good deal of talk, some of it insightful and thoughtful, about why he’s done so well, and many expressions of hope that he would be defeated.”

Man, a secret cabal of leaders attempting to intervene in the election of a tremendously popular candidate? Reads like a fucking spy novel. But it’s real.

A highlight of the gathering was a presentation by Rove about focus group findings on Trump. The business mogul’s greatest weakness, according to Rove, was that voters have a very hard time envisioning him as “presidential” and as somebody their children should look up to. They also see him as somebody who can be erratic and shouldn’t have his (small) fingers anywhere near a nuclear trigger.

Sources familiar with the meeting — who requested anonymity because the forum is off the record — said that much of the conversation around Trump centered on “how this happened, rather than how are we going to stop him,” as one person put it.

The conference is notoriously secretive, refusing once to even announce whether it had snowed during it. Not sketchy at all.

AEI, for its part, declined to comment on the coup they are plotting.

“The event is private and off-the record, therefore we do not comment further on the content or attendees,” said Judy Stecker, a spokeswoman for AEI. She described the forum as “an informal gathering of leading thinkers from all ideological backgrounds to discuss challenges that the United States and the free world face in economics, security and social welfare.”

Guess all there is to do now is sit back and see what the richest people in America have planned for the fate of our nation.

Which is no different than normal, come to think of it.

[Via Vanity Fair]