Don’t Be That Bro Who Talks Too Much About His Beer, Don’t Be This Guy

by 1 year ago

Listen up, I love beer. I could talk about beer for hours on end: my favorite breweries, the never ending hops shortage caused by macro breweries purchasing up all those glorious hops, the best seasonal varieties (currently it’s the Delirium Noel), and why NYC has a better beer scene these days than Portland, Oregon (they really do). I really do love beer.

But there’s a time and a place for discussing beer at length, and that time isn’t a first date, nor is it anytime you’re with some chick who doesn’t give a flying fuck about beer. Don’t be that dude who keeps a notepad of all the rare beers he’s been crushing. Don’t try and impress someone with your ability to discern between Chinook Hops and Cascade Hops. Beer, like anything else in life, is just another thing for you to enjoy. Don’t fucking ruin it for everyone around you by being uppity. By all means, educate yourself on what you’re drinking, where that beer came from, how it’s made, and why you love it. But don’t talk the ears off of everyone around you with that newfound knowledge because I can guarantee you nobody gives a flying fuck….The end.

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