This Painful Story Is Why You Don’t Swipe Left On A Girl Who’s Standing Right Behind You

We all know that at its ground roots Tinder is basically “hot or not” plus Facebook Messenger so that matches can meet up and bang…but have you ever thought about how many people have swiped left on you and why? Is it because you look like you have awful personal hygiene? Because you look like you have a shit personality? Or maybe even because you have a Chihuahua in your first photo and no real man owns a shitty little rat dog like that. The most common reason, of course, is simple:

Some people are ugly.

Not everyone, mind you, and a lot of the time it’s all up to personal preferences. I like tall Asians who are half white while my one friend likes losers who can’t bust during sex and wind up having to jerk off in the bathroom later. To each their own! But I think we can all agree that being told you’re “ugly” and having someone swipe left across your face hurts, which is something that Redditor CoBullet found out first hand…by doing it to his waitress:

So I was at a popular mexican resturant named Cheekys and while I was there with some friends the conversation starting to get pretty stale since we had been there for about an hour or so. To get to the point, I decided to hop on tinder and look for some potential mates.

After a few minutes of swiping left and right I saw a questionable swipe and handed it over to one of my friends. Who immediately started to laugh and handed the phone back to me and said she was extremely ugly (She wasn’t, he is just a douche). So im coming to an agreeance with his opinion I swiped left. Simple as that right?


Upon looking up, we see our waitress standing over us staring directly at my phone. It was then that we realized she was the exact same girl on tinder. I could see the pain in her eyes as she dropped the checks onto our table and went to the back of the resturant to presumably cry her eyes out. We didn’t see her for the rest of the night and the manager came over to apologize to us that our waitress was feeling ill and couldn’t finish helping us.

Feeling like total shitbags we managed to pool together $67.20 in tips to give her. Left a little note on the bottom that said “Hey, we are just dicks. You’re actually really pretty :)” and left.

[Via Reddit, header image via Shutterstock]