Couple of Dope Fiends Brought Their Kids Along So They Could Conduct Business In A Burger King Ballpit

I think the key to dealing drugs is to break the mold. The first place cops go looking for drug dealers is dark back alleys, rundown houses and the parking lot of upper-class private schools. You have to meet people where no one is looking for you. Church steps, nursing homes, Broadway plays, book clubs. Really, the list is endless. Just think of anywhere that you are too afraid to peddle drugs and boom, you’re list just got one item longer.

However, one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is bring your kids to a drug deal. ‘Take your daughter to work day’ just does not exist in New Jack City. Which is where these two dudes from Pittsburgh dropped the ball.

Via CBS:

Two men are in the Allegheny County Jail after police said they were caught selling heroin in the play area of a North Versailles fast food restaurant. The two men are brothers, and police say one of the men brought his 6-year-old son along with him.

Otis Pegues, 31, of East Pittsburgh, and Marlan Byars, 28,of West Mifflin, were arrested on drug, conspiracy and related charges.

According to police, Pegues set up the buy with an undercover officer. He was allegedly planning to sell 20 bricks of heroin for $4,600. The drugs and money were recovered. 

The undercover investigation was conducted by North Versailles and Swissvale Police Departments, working with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Narcotics Enforcement Team. Police said undercover officers had made previous heroin buys from Pegues during the past two weeks at both the North Versailles Walmart and the Kmart stores.

Listen, these guys totally had the right idea. No one sells heroin in a play area. That’s a total monopolization of the market. They wouldn’t even have to bring in their own buyers. You ever seen a mother of 4 try to keep control of her family in Burger King and not look like she wants a hit of heroin? It’s a market ripe for the taking.

But bringing your kid? Bad news bears. Kids attract kids. You have your kid in the ballpit and then suddenly you’re surrounded by 5 random kids and all their respective parents looking to set up playdates. You can’t avoid suspicion and shake hands if you’re palming a bag of high-quality dope. Especially because most of these people don’t understand the concept of hustling for your money.