Watch This Guy Drift Using His Feet Because He Has No Arms To Drive With

Sometimes our tip line is full of wonderful stories that bring a tear to our eye and a warmth in our hearts. Most of the time, however, this is about par for the course:


Luckily for us, this story falls into the “crying and heartburn” category. Hooray!

Polish pro drifter and all around nice guy Bartosz Ostalowski drives only using his feet, as he does not have any of his two arms. Not only he drives, but he does it really well, in this Nissan Skyline R34, which was custom built for Bartosz to adapt to it, fitted with an automatic gearbox and GM LS V8 engine.

I thought this is something you’d like to share. It’s a video about a very passionate young man from Poland who has lost both his arms 10 years ago in a car accident, but who today is professionally drifting by using just his two feet.

So what have you taught yourself to do recently? How to play Sudoku? Angry Birds? How nice. Bartosz spits on your pathetic “accomplishments” and drives with his feet. Beat THAT ya motherfuckazzz.