Your Dream Of Swimmin’ In Drinkable Beer Is About To Come True

I’m a simple enough functional degenerate. I always assumed the beer shower was the divine pinnacle of a self-serving, hygienically-sound existence, but no, not even close. Then I recently learned some smalltime European town was about to leave a massive footprint on humanity with a damn expensive beer-shooting fountain. That rattled my cage for a while, as I rapidly checked by part-time skeletal bank account to see whether I might manage a trip out there before my liver kicks the bucket or I die–verdict’s still out.

This Austrian brewery just one-upped every bro that ever thought that sipping from a bottle of something cold and alcoholic while showering was as good as it’d ever get. The Austrians behind the Starkenberg brewery designed their brewery specifically so that visitors could take a dip in a hot tub….filled with drinkable, albeit semi-bitter beer. Obviously, the thought of drinking down some sort of beer tainted by the literal taint sweat of your fellow party members is a bit of a buzzkill, but at the same time fuck it, this is for lack of a better word, epic. Plus listen up as you watch the video, and you’ll learn that the beer tub is highly nutritional/moisturizing for your skin. I’m always down for the healthy glow brought on by a nice beer shower.

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