This Yugoslavian Town’s Making Moves To Install A Massive Beer Fountain For The Most Epic Eurotrip To Date

Raise your glass to Slovenia bros. Slovenia probably hasn’t crossed your braindar since the last Summer Olympics just authorized the installation of a $400,000 USD beer fountain. The bros out there planning their next beer-focused or just general Eurotrip are about to go off on this shit. I can’t even imagine.

The sweet and innocently small town of Zalec, which holds a population of 5,000 residents literally sits on a valley of gold, as result of the hop populations that populate it. To top this beer-soaked epic, which will go down in history alongside the first time a dude named Samuel Adams gave bros the Boston Lager, the town crest is a straight hops symbol. So there’s that whole reason.

There’s no set date yet on when this bad boy fountain might start filling up the eager bellies of functionally degenerative, beer-loving jabronies; but the latest development on the whole front states that the last council meeting staged by those in opposition to the fountain being implemented was stiffarmed–so hope persists just yet.