Guess What Fun Drug You’ve Probably Done At Least Once In The Past Year Is Making People’s Skin Rot!



Is it Heroin? Marijuana? Meth? Molly? Ketamine? Vicodin? Acid? Shrooms? Opium?

Nope, it’ssssss COCAINE!

Congratulations, if you guessed correctly you’ve just won absolutely nothing. Give yourself a big fat pat on the back and then continue about your daily life as if nothing had ever happened. According to Metro,

Batches of the class A drug that are arriving in the UK and US are now routinely cut with Levamisole, a potent de-wormer used on horses and cows.

The powerful medicine has been banned for human consumption because it causes blood vessels to inflame and rupture, turning people’s ears black and rotting the skin away to cause massive sores.

It also causes a person’s white blood cell count to plummet, meaning they’re more likely to catch serious infections.

If looking like death incarnate is something you’ve been trying to achieve for the past several months, quit whatever you’re doing and go snort some snow up your nose ASAP. Chances are that your little dime baggie of fun was cut with Levamisole since about 80% of coke being shipped into the UK is contaminated with it to at least some degree. If you’re in the US, well, your chances are about the same since producers out of Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru are now cutting it at from the start.

Tl;dr: don’t snort coke cut with Levamisole.

[H/T Metro]