Great, Soon Your Car Will Be Able To Narc On You When You Smuggle Drugs In It



Thanks. As though smuggling drugs weren’t hard enough.

Driving quantities of narcotics across America’s interstates is already a fraught experience. State cops, local cops, the feds. You never know when you could get popped for making an illegal lane change or going four over the speed limit with ten pounds of mushrooms, a couple bricks of weed, and ounce of coke on you. That’s fucking harrowing.

So we don’t fucking need shit to make that shit harder. But a team at the University of North Texas has done just that. They’ve created a drug-sniffing car.

That’s right, a drug-sniffing car.

Engineers there were working on a device that could measure air quality when they realized they had something even more perceptive — and lucrative — on their hands. A device that could fit in a car and sniff drugs out of the air. From CBS:

“The car could just drive by it and keep moving down the road,” said Dr. Guido Verbeck. “It’ll alert the officers there’s something going on at the house, and where the location is.”

Instead of deciphering complicated data results, they created software so an officer is able to see not just what’s in the air, but where.

In testing, the car has picked up chemical signatures from about a quarter mile away from the source.

“The operator, or the tactical person using it, does not have to know anything about mass spec, they just know that this is bad,”

Sweet. Fucking sweet. So a cop can drive right up alongside you and it won’t even matter anymore if you are doing exactly 63 in the center lane.

They can bust your fucking ass.

The North Texas developers already want law enforcement across the country to have access to it. Soon, I’m sure they’ll just install it in every car to allow police to instantly know when you are planning on driving with drugs on you. Load up some weight and go back to your house for your luggage and police will have swarmed.

Fucking shit.

I’m about to preemptively file a petition with the courts. This shit is a gross invasion of personal space.

A gross invasion.

[Via CBS]