Watch This Poor Drunk Nearly Kill Himself All Because Of A Friend’s Dare

Peer pressure, it’s what caused this inebriated man to do those last three shots of Fireball that he absolutely didn’t need and then it was also the catalyst for him to think he could scale a building while barely being able to walk.

These three “friends” are walking home from a bar one fine evening when they spot a quaint bicycle shop which has a bike protruding out from the side of the building for a fun sign. That’s when these geniuses decide it’s a fantastic idea if the one drunk guy climb onto the bike that’s 15-feet above the ground. The one friend dares the drunk to climb the building and ride the bike and even offers a shot if he succeeds.

While the drunkard is standing on a bike rack the asshole friend gives encouraging words, “You’re half way there man.”

Do you think he rode the bike and gingerly stepped down without a scratch? (Hint: I wouldn’t be writing this article if it didn’t end in absolute mayhem and failure.)

Boy did he fucking smash his face into the rock-hard pavement. At least he won that shot, which will come in handy to ease the pain of his dislocated jaw, but he will need to sip it through a straw.