This Guy Was Drunk And High On Xanax When He Tattooed The Shittiest Pokemon Tattoo You’ll Ever See On Himself

I know the original 150 Pokemon like the back of my hand. I’ve played through both Red and Blue versions using the shittiest Pokemon just to make the game harder (Elite 4 vs. TEAM RATTATA), so it’s safe to say that I know my shit.

However…you don’t exactly need to be a Pokemon master to realize that this:

Pokemon Wikia

Is not this:

And here’s a side-by-side comparison for those of you at home who have piss-poor short-term memory:

And because this whole thing originated from Reddit and that site loves a good circlejerk almost as much as it loves cats and doge memes, people went and decided to turn the tattoo into not just a vinyl, but a Tim Burton interpretation on Pokemon:

Those would be cool tattoos. Too bad hindsight is 20/20.

But what happened to the guy who originally got the tattoo? Does he regret it? Is he planning on getting it removed? Judging from this full-body photo of the poor dude it looks like he’s still drunk and on Xanax, so maybe we’ll ask when he sobers up.

Oh, and if for some reason you really dig this tattoo and want to start circlejerking over it too, here’s a flowchart for all the spinoffs Reddit has made for it so far:

[Via Reddit]