I Need To Have Some Of Whatever This Drunk Chick Who Kept Trying To Climb Into The Front Seat Of Her Uber Was Having

I literally never understand why drunk people fuck with their Uber drivers. Just climb into the car and fall asleep in the backseat like a regular person. They don’t care. They’re literally getting paid to chauffeur you around and make sure that you’re not getting behind the wheel of a car. Plus, you can rate them. One time a dude yelled at me for smoking a cigarette in his car. Gave that bitch 0 stars. This is why I love democracy.

That being said, I really need to have a glass of whatever this chick was drinking. She is like 12 sheets to the wind. Why does she want to sit up front so badly? Trying to get a little action? Maybe puke out the window and try to make a little puke art on the side of the car? I really respect this girl’s dedication to climbing out onto the side of the freeway. I also respect the Uber driver’s dedication to not letting a girl who may or may not have been butt funneling moonshine climb out onto the side of a freeway. Listen, it happens. Sometimes you’re sipping on grain alcohol, telling the bartender you think she looks pretty in those earrings and suddenly you wake up at a fast food restaurant with vomit on your face and a damaged Uber rating.