Drunk Dude Is Buying Complete Strangers From All Around The Country $600 Worth Of Pizza

by 4 years ago

There’s a fantastically wondrous subreddit called Random Acts of Pizza where hungry, down-on-their-luck individuals petition for kindhearted people to give them free pizza. Shockingly, there are generous people unlike myself who actually send pizza to needy strangers. While we’re fortunate enough to have online pizza ordering perfected here in ‘Murica because we’re obese and need our carbohydrate fix, other places around the world it’s not so easy to order pizza on the Internet. That was the dilemma that this good-natured gentleman encountered when he attempted to dole out free pizza.

British Reddit user Daniel Sobey-Harker wanted to purchase a pizza to give out to a random beneficiary in the United States, but he encountered problems with making the intercontinental transaction. However after consulting the Reddit community and downing nine beers, he came to the conclusion that he would need to use Bitcoins for his philanthropy. He purchased two Bitcoins to buy the one pizza and was excited to help.

If you’re not familiar with the exchange rate of Bitcoins like Daniel apparently isn’t, one Bitcoin is worth $292.00. The do-gooder purchased $584 worth of Bitcoin. So instead of keeping all of the Bitcoin for himself, he used the online currency to buy pizza for several strangers.

He found that Papa John’s was the most convenient, so that’s what the hungry masses received. Some lucky recipients also got Mountain Dew. It wasn’t constricted only to the continental U.S., this pizza saint even sent a pie to a guy in Hawaii. Daniel is doing God’s work,

Thankfully his startup Campus Society picked up the bill for him. Want some free pizza? Hit up Daniel on Reddit here.