Dude Doing Squats Struggles, That’s When Spotter Jumps In For Hilarious Thug Life Moment

One of the rules of a good spotter is that they never take away the weight from the lifter, unless they are in real trouble and need it taken away for safety reasons. However this spotter is not a good spotter, he is the best spotter!

While the guy is doing squats, he appears to struggle a bit, and that’s when the spotter jumps in. The spotter’s response is to hilariously kick the guy doing squats away and promptly do curls with the crazy amount of weights.

First off, I know this is fake. However so are Will Ferrell movies that we all laugh our asses off at. Secondly, this shit is hysterical and it’s all I’m watching today.


They call this the Thug Lift… wait for it (Gym Humor) Programs ►TheFrankMedrano.com/workoutsVideo cred- Bradley Martyn

Posted by Frank Medrano on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[FrankMedranoFacebook via Bradley Martyn]

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