Dude Owns Chipotle So Hard After They Didn’t Cook His Chicken All The Way Through, Chipotle Responds

Chipotle has become the RGIII of restaurant chains. For a while, we all believed that it would be the next big thing in fast-casual dining. And then we all woke up one day and they up and decided to take carnitas off the menu for a bit because their suppliers were violating food standards by not giving the pigs a college education before slaughtering them or some shit. I dunno. And then they closed 43 stores because people were shitting out pints of blood from eating their e.Coli-laced menu offerings. They’re asleep at the wheel and the bus is heading straight for a shit storm.

The negative publicity just keeps pouring in–this time coming from a jilted dude who exacted his revenge on Chipotle after they failed to cook the chicken in his burrito to his liking.

I laughed audibly.

Jaylan was obviously in a fit of rage and desperate to hit them where it hurt and made the panic decision to jack the iced tea dispenser, which was probably full because I wasn’t even aware that iced tea was an option at Chipotle.

Took one right out of Fletcher Reed’s book:

im taking this

Chipotle Joe was quick to respond to Jaylan’s tweet once it was gaining steam on social media.

Chipotle Joe just completely laying down and letting Jaylan fleece him out of his $12.99 iced tea  is so 2016 Chipotle its insane.


[h/t LADbible]

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