A Dude Got So Stoned On Synthetic Marijuana He Fell Asleep During His Mugshot

by 3 years ago

Montgomery County Police – Daily Mail

We’ve all passed out after taking a toke too many from the bong or bowl. It happens. Weed can make you sleepy.

But you know what shouldn’t? Getting arrested by the police. That should sober anyone up, or at least provide you with enough of a burst of adrenaline to get you through the proceedings.

Not so much for Christopher Shirley of Texas, who smoked some synthetic marijuana before going to Wal-Mart. He didn’t make it into the store, instead passing out in the parking lot. There, police found him completely out of it. According to the arresting officer, Shirley was “unable to even to state where he was born.”

Good for him. We all should get so baked we forget where we live and who we are. That’s what drugs are for.

Just don’t drive. Also, smoke real pot. It affects you less.

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