Dude Passes Out Pregaming, Bros Refuse To Party Without Him, Take His Lifeless Body Out With Them

Pregaming can a tough thing to gauge. You want to get drunk enough to have a great night out, but also buy the least amount of overpriced bar drinks. But you don’t want to get too sloppy drunk that you’re falling down before you even get to the first bar and possibly denied entry. Not only did Scott Piggott pregame way too hard, but he passed out before he and his crew even left the house. However, Scott’s bros subscribe to the “Never leave a man behind” philosophy and instead of ditching their plastered friend, they took him with them.

They did the usual antics of drawing dicks on his face and duct-taping him to the chair, but they were also determined to include their incredibly inebriated, possibly dead friend in the night’s festivities. They took their friend’s corpse all around town including a restaurant, the local bar and a club. Nothing would awake their unconscious friend from his drunken slumber; not food, not loud music, not beer, and not even dropping him while crossing the street.

The comatosed dude finally is brought back to life, not by Melisandre, but by the power ballad “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen and later Celine Dion. Thank goodness he is actually alive, I was starting to think this was a Weekend At Bernie’s situation going on.

Scott Piggot pregames harder than you party.