Dude Quits Smoking Meth And In Just One Year He Looks Like An ENTIRELY New Person



Not even once, they say. The stigma surrounding meth is as disgusting as the stigma surrounding punching a baby in the face. For a guy like myself who will try just about anything with the right amount of peer pressure, meth is where I draw the line. And that’s coming from the dude who won the DARE award in sixth grade and spent the savings bond on a bong. Best investment I’ve ever made.

But regardless, my interest in taking a drug that eats away at your gums and teeth has plummeted even lower after a reddit user posted photos of the affects it has on one’s physical appearance.

Ryan Harder shared photos of himself during his meth addiction and once he got clean.

Harder told Metro:

‘I have been a drug user since the age of 14, but I started using meth when I was 18.

‘I’ve been sober since April 4, 2015.

‘My family is very supportive and they are one of my biggest motivations for staying clean.’

Take a look at the photo of Ryan during his addiction.


And after close to a year drug-free.

not meth

The dude in the second picture doesn’t look like he racked up five arrests and two convictions.

Via Metro,

He described how, initially, he didn’t feel like he relied on meth, that perhaps he had ‘a special or unique self-control’ which others lack. But he warned people on the thread: ‘I didn’t take long and I was addicted.’

Not even once, bros. Unless you got some. Schedule is pretty clear today.

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[h/t Metro]

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