Dude Gets Busted Trying To Smuggle An Entire Case Of Beer Into Soccer Match

I don’t know how much beer costs at a Turkish soccer match, but I do know that a 24 oz Goose Island IPA sets me back $11 at a Yankees game. I’ve dropped a good chunk of coin at various sporting events in the U.S. to know that beer is ridiculously overpriced when you go to a game.

The price-gouging forces prudent sports fans to get creative in bootlegging their alcohol into games. There’s all kinds of secret flasks that look like everyday items such as cell phones, binoculars and even tampons. However this dunderhead didn’t have an undercover flask, he thought wearing a trench coat would magically conceal his beer.

It appears that it’s a balmy day in Turkey since everyone has short-sleeves except this one nervous, sweating man with an entire brewery under his jacket. Security at the soccer match is savvy enough to spot this brewicide bomber before he gets into the arena. How did he think that he was going to smuggle 24 beers into a soccer match? It’s a coat not Harry Potter’s fucking invisibility cloak.

On a side note, this guy’s friends are dicks. They all couldn’t try to smuggle in four brews each?

I hope at least he stashed a warm beer up his ass so it wasn’t a complete failure.