Row Of Dudes All Yank On Girl’s Ponytail As Joke, One Guy Pulls Out A Chunk Of Fake Hair And Gets SMACKED Unconscious

You don’t fuck with a girl’s ponytail. You don’t pull it, you don’t dip it in paint when she’s not paying attention and you definitely don’t snip half of it off with a pair of scissors. Not that you fine, upstanding gentlemen would ever do anything like that – but these guys? Dirtbags.

Well okay, that’s a little harsh for a simple tug on a ponytail. That slap the chick with the fake hair delivered was MEGA harsh and probably uncalled for, but was it worth the Vine? Totally. In fact I’d watch this video all day if no one would call me out for not doing jack shit for the website all day. Hell, I’d watch it in my spare time too if I didn’t have 500 other better things to waste my time with. I just found my old N64 and a copy of Pokemon Stadium, so yeah, you could say my schedule is pretty busy lately.