Watching This Attempt At The Dumbest World Record Ever Is A Great Way To Spend 41:54 Of Your Life

by 4 years ago


There are so many thoughts I have about people trying as hard as they can to make a name for themselves, and none of them happen to be positive ones. Call me cranky, I guess.

Thanks to YouTube celebrities, the Kardashian’s and Twitter stars who have made themselves famous for doing next to nothing, an entire generation seems inspired to try and duplicate the feat, doing nearly anything they can to be known.

One of those ways is by breaking a world record that no one in their right mind even fucking knows about.

Take this guy, for instance, who actually sat down and filmed himself sticking 288 pencils into his fro for the chance to get a certificate saying that he was a record-holder in something other than having the most rad hair of any Texas Longhorns fan.

I haven’t even used a pencil since graduating from college eight years ago, so I applaud this bro for even finding enough of the things to attempt this. The fact that he breaks the outrageous record is secondary to that feat.

For those who have nothing better to do with their lives than to watch the entire 41:55 of the thing, I hope you take pointers on how to properly stick pencils in your hair, too, taking down this guy’s ridiculous record.

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