Incredibly Bad 30-Second Commercial Appears to Have Been Created in Less Than 30 Seconds


Look, it’s not in our nature to make fun of things here. We’re sure the people behind East Hill Mall’s (Mo.) back-to-school commercial tried their best and just wanted to drum up a little business.

Yeah, the 30-second advertisement is a train wreck of titanic proportions. But that’s OK — as long as everyone had fun and did their best.

Sorry, that’s all the Little League-watching speaking. Let us put our adult pants on.

OK. That’s a steaming pile of crap. But it’s still OK as long as they didn’t make it bad on purpose in hopes of going viral.

The ad is a back-to-school promo for East Hills Mall in Missouri, and the producer/director/editor is not mad about getting so much attention, even if it’s thanks in part to a Reddit post dubbed “The worst local commercial I’ve ever seen.” Chris Fleck told local FOX 26 KNPN, “The whole time we pitched this idea we said, ‘maybe it will go viral.’ And it did. If you can entertain and get your message in, you’ve accomplished your goal. I just love that it’s getting this much response. That’s what commercials do, they get response.” The mall’s marketing manager added, “It definitely put East Mills on the map for this week, or however long it stays.”

Sure thing, dude. We believe you.

[H/T: Moviefone]

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