Move Over Bad Santa, Watch The Easter Bunny Brawl In The Middle Of Mall

The movie Bad Santa showed a fictional account of the dark world of the sad mall Santa Claus. There might be enough material for a spinoff called “Bad Bunny,” based on this crazy video of an Easter Bunny throwing down in a fight at a New Jersey mall with children all around.

We take you to the Newport Centre mall in Jersey City, N.J. where a brawl broke out around 7 p.m. on Sunday. Right by the Easter Bunny’s home at the mall decorated full of colorful Easter eggs and fake tulips, where eager children gather to get their photo taken with the festive rabbit, a free-for-all erupted.

*Trigger Warning*

The Easter Bunny at the mall, who is not actually a rabbit and is a human being employed by retail centers to pretend to be a fictional anthropomorphic animal character, literally lost his bunny head and got into a huge donnybrook with about a dozen combatants. It took several security officers to separate the angry Peter Cottontail and the other brawlers.

Could this be possible revenge for everyone eating the Easter Bunny’s delicious chocolate ears or maybe some people are just watching a little too much Mallrats.

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