Is ‘Eat The Muffin,’ Where You Eat A Muffin Covered In Ants, The Next Viral Craze?


To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure if this is supposed to be a future viral trend. It might just be a dumb video that some friends made. But so were lots of things. The Harlem Shake. That was just stupid people doing stupid things and out of nowhere EVERYONE started doing it.

So would I be surprised if next summer I was tasked with posting six videos a day of kids beatboxing then eating muffins covered in ants? No, I would not.

I could see it extending to bagels and maggots. And scones and caterpillars. Really, this meme’s got serious life. I’m calling it now. Eat the Muffin. 2015’s first viral craze.

Enjoy your bugs and carbs, sheeps.

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