Guy Tells Story About How One Ecstasy Pill Ruined His Life And It Will Make Everyone Reconsider Taking Drugs

by 3 years ago
Jordy Hurdes Ecstasy Story


Drugs are fun but drugs can be deadly. Fucking profound, I know. Put that on a t-shirt.

Done correctly, and doing the correct drugs, can be a mind-altering experience. Doing them incorrectly, or getting bad drugs, can turn into a life-altering experience.

This 20-year-old Australian guy explains how one ecstasy pill left him with permanent health conditions. He wants his experience to be a warning to other users. He posted an update to his Facebook about his experience.

So as some of you may have seen I have been in hospital for the past few days. This isn’t a sympathy post, but a post of awareness. Going out and having fun is all good and well. And taking party drugs (pills, pingas, googs) seems like a fun option and you don’t think anything life changing could happen to you. I myself am lucky to be alive now, I now have the possibility of a permanent stutter and twitch due to nerve or brain damage. Please please please don’t take the “cheaper fun” option, because you never know if it could happened to you. If I can get this into at least a couple of people’s heads then I could have saved someone’s life.

I would also like to thank my amazing gorgeous friends for all the gifts and support to not only my self but my family, and for coming to visit me today and make the most of it. I love you all.

Feel free to share this post as I want as many people to see how a simple party drug can change someone’s life.

After the post went viral, Jordy posted a video about his experience and it’s heartbreaking as hell to hear the guy talk.

Look, I’d never tell anyone not to do drugs. It’s your body, your life, your freedom to choose. All I can say is be safe out there, or at the very least, be cautious about what you’re actually putting into your body and where it came from.

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