Look At What One Of Our Editors Can Do With His Hand And Then Go Puke Your Brains Out

A HUMAN HAND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND THAT WAY! I know, because I just tried it with my hand — which is as human and salt-of-the-earth as a hand can get — and I formed a pathetic 150-degree angle. I didn’t measure it with a protractor or anything, but I was a math prodigy as a child so I assure you that no instrument was needed.

So who is this alien is among us? It’s Cass Anderson.

Goddamn, that is hard to look at.

Do I kill him? Do I commit murder? Do I euthanize Cass for the sake of all mankind? Or do I force him to take suggestions from all the commenters on his Imgur post? Like, the person who suggests he never reproduces, or the one who wants him to form an X-Men group for folks with weird hands, or even the guy who thinks it would be neat to jerk off when your hand bent back like that.

That last guy has a point. If my hand did that, no doubt I’d fuck that fold at least once. You know, just to see what it was all about and shit. Don’t judge me. I’m not the one on trial here. Remember that.

See the rest of the comments on Cass’ freakish alien hand below.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.