Authorities Close In On Most Wanted Drug Lord After Son Forgets To Turn Off Location On Twitter

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All kids fuck up at some point and wind up costing their parents. Usually it is just monetarily. Dental bills, increased car insurance payments, the occasional bond. Mad at you as they may be, most know it’s just the price of having a child.

But I can’t imagine El Chapo, the world’s most wanted criminal, who escaped from a Mexican prison earlier this summer, will forgive his son for this fuck up. At least not for awhile.

For his child tweeted a pic of himself with his fugitive pops, but forgot to turn off Twitter’s location service.


Daily Mail

Whoopsie doodle. Dad may be upset about this one for a bit.

Authorities are reportedly now scouring the Central American nation for the fugitive.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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