People Shared The Most Elaborate Ways They Cheated On An Exam Because Studying Is For Suckers

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Thanks to “Ask Reddit” we’ve learned unethical ways to save money, crazy loopholes and some possibly illegal and definitely unethical life hacks.

Now, thanks to Redditor jorahzo we get to find out some of the most elaborate ways people have ever cheated on an exam.

I’d say get ready to take notes, but that’s something these people obviously failed to do in class or else they wouldn’t have had to cheat, so it doesn’t seem appropriate here.

I took German in high school and my friends and I always goofed off and got yelled at by our natural born German teacher. However we all suspiciously made 95’s and 100’s on all of our tests and quizzes. She would stare at us like a hawk during exams and it really pissed her off that we were making perfect scores. One day during a vocab quiz, she pulled a desk up and sat directly behind the three of us waiting to catch us checking our phone or looking at each others papers. She couldn’t see anything.

What she didn’t know was that we had all the vocab words printed off in size 6 font on a piece of paper about 1″X2′” and we would put it on the chair and cross one leg over the other making a perfect space by your crotch where all the answers were. So it looked like we were all staring at our papers but really just looking at all the answers by our crotch. This went on for about 3 years.

One day after a quiz we had all thrown away our cheat sheets and before the bell rang she made us all stay after class and take the exact quiz again. We didn’t have our cheat sheets and we all bombed it of course. She knew we cheated but couldn’t prove anything, however, she called us chicken shits in front of the whole class and started yelling in German. Good times. ~ proxy69

I had a terrible Physical Science teacher in high school, and only a few really smart honor students knew anything on his tests, (which were all 5 questions and multiple choice, but very complicated answers) so we came up with this group system where we would glance at one another and scratch our face with three fingers indicate problem number 3, and then cough if the answer was A, tap the desk for B, etc. The entire classroom was in on it, and if we all got good grades on the test we would buy the genius kids ala carte at lunch. ~ Phylosophers_Anon

Answers written all over my thighs, short skirt, dark tights that you can see through when you stretch them.

Because what’s a prof going to do? Tell a girl to take off her clothes? ~ Gluttony4

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