Look At This Wild Sea Dinosaur With A Long Ass Neck They Found In Alaska

James Havens

It’s called Elasmosaurus.

Imagine that thing trying to swim. Look how dumb it looks. I bet it wasn’t very good at swimming. Like a rear-wheel drive car in the snow. No wonder it isn’t still around.

Elasmosaurus’s most prominent feature is its long fucking neck. Like an ocean brontosaurus. But crazily, they didn’t find this dinosaur at the bottom of the ocean. Nah, they found him in a mountain. From Live Science:

The newly discovered Alaskan elasmosaur was found amid a mountain range that boasts peaks that are nearly 9,000 feet (2,743 m) high. That’s a long way from the seafloor, which is where the remains of any elasmosaur would have likely settled after it died. So how did the bones find their way up the mountain?

“The rocks that the skeleton was found in were laid down on the seabed about 70 to 75 million years ago. At that time there was a sea along the southern margin of [what is now] Alaska,” said Druckenmiller, who added that over the course of many millions of years, tectonic activity under that ancient sea caused the seafloor to rise up thousands of feet.

Ocean mountains and sea dinosaurs, man. Fucking cray. This fossil, though not fully excavated, is believed to be 25 feet in length. Its neck is as long as twelve foot tall man.

Elasmosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous, alongside the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Maybe they met.

Maybe a Tyrannosaurus ate one.

You never know.