Employee Absolutely Devastates McDonald’s After Being Fired

by 4 years ago

On February 2, McDonald’s kicked off “Pay With Lovin'” campaign. The marketing ploy was unveiled during the fast food company’s Super Bowl commercial. The gist behind the new strategy is that random McDonald’s customers will be selected and instead of cash will be able to pay for with a form of “lovin'” in the form of high-fives, selfies and hugs. However for this McDonald’s they should have shared that “lovin'” with their employees.

The unsatisfied Mickey D’s worker is rather irate that he is owed $20. So he pleasantly asked his supervisor if he could have a moment of his time to discuss the disparity in wages. Just kidding. He went on a fucking rampage and destroyed everything in his path and threatened to pop his supervisor’s tires. Nothing was spared. Not McCups. Not McCones. Not McStraws. McEverything was obliterated.

This fella just destroyed his former workplace in Saint Paul, Minnesota and probably caused much more damages than the $20 he claims that he is owed.

Dude, have a Happy Meal. Because when you’re hungry you turn into a raging asshole that goes on destructive tirades.