English Teacher Suspended for Using Lil Wayne Lyrics to Teach Figurative Language

by 5 years ago

The song in question is '6 Foot 7 Foot' off Tha Carter IV.  Feel free to listen to it here. 

It has lyrics like “So misunderstood, but what's aworld without enigma? Two bitches at the same time, synchronized swimmers.” Which is an excellent metaphor, a type of figurative language. But of course, THE PARENTS are up in arms about THE CHILDREN. 

“This is crazy,” [Vanessa Guzman, a parent] said in a WPTV report. “They shouldn't be giving this to kids in school…I'm uncomfortable reading any of this…They shouldn't be teaching this stuff in school for language arts. I mean, who in their right mind would give kids something like this?”

Well, for starters, rap is a form of very popular art which the English language is at the foundation of. You know, that's something kids need to learn. English. Also, this was in eighth grade, which means every kid, even the losers, have touched a pooter (or had their pooters touched). They are listening to this stuff, and it's a kind of strategy that could help them… you know… learn.  

The teacher was suspended for three days because the American education is one stilted mother fucker. 

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