Dude’s Crazy Fiancée Wouldn’t Let Him Go On A Crazy Birthday Trip With His Bros, They Brought Him Anyway (PICS)

I’ll give you bros the very quick backstory on this before letting you scroll through the photos and see this epic adventure for yourselves. Kevin has a crazy fiancée and she wouldn’t let him go on a wild birthday trip with his bros. Instead of letting the crazy fiancée win Kevin’s bros brought him on the trip without her permission, well, they brought a cardboard cutout version of him that got more poontang than the real Kevin ever did (I’m assuming). They said ‘fuck it’ and celebrated Kevin’s birthday without him, and had one hell of a time.

The pics from this trip with the cardboard cutout of Kevin are quite epic:

If you’ve got a bro in your crew who is currently sleeping with crazy and you are curious what service these dudes used for their cardboard cutout it PartyStandups. And if you’re looking for more pics from the epic birthday trip weekend with the cardboard cutout version of Kevin you can check out the Imgur gallery below and scroll through the pics (via Reddit):

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