‘Epic Meal Time’ Ft. Jamie Oliver Makes Great Use of an Obscene Amount of ‘Filet-o-Fish’ Sandwiches

The dudes at Epic Meal Time (who you may recall from videos past, such as this wondrous July 4th American flag meat-meal) have come up with yet another manly cooking gem, this one making great use of FIFTY Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, bacon, and a bunch of other great ingredients to create a fish-and-chips behemoth that will have you salivating until you can't salivate anymore. That last sentence probably isn't applicable because inability to salivate probably = death, but you get the point. 

Never a bad thing when you also get to bring in celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Last year I bought a Jamie Oliver book, and my girlfriend and I made MAD good meals from it.  Dude knows what he's talking about. Though could prob work on his acting a little bit.  

(Word to the wise, cook with your girlfriend as much as possible. It's fifty thousand times cheaper, you get to make a playlist, and apparently the ability to put pasta in boiling water and add sauce fifteen minutes later gets you major points. To be cashed in at your convenience.)

[H/T: VVV]