Old European Parliament Dude Making A Case For Why Women Should Earn Less Is So Over-The-Top Sexist It’s Laughable

In America, we’re nailing Steve Martin to a cross for “insensitively” calling Carrie Fisher beautiful in a tribute following her death. Meanwhile, in Europe, elected Parliament members are calling women pea brains who should live below the poverty line and should stay in their place because men could wipe them off the face of the earth. Just a casual, measured policy suggestion void of bias and totally scientific. This is the kind of shit that would make Lena Dunham stab a football.

This representative from Poland looks to be about 80-years-old and what interests me is whether or not he’s single. He can’t have a wife right? It’s impossible for him to come home after this and his wife be like, “I saw you on TV with your cute little bow tie talking about how we’re an inferior species. I love when you tell me I’m worthless. Now can you unchain me from this radiator, The View starts in 10 minutes.”

Good on that lady for standing up to him, but it’s a fruitless endeavor. Just as you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, you can’t teach old men how not to be sexist lunatics. God damnit bro, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? I hope not, because she probably died in 1882 and that’d be a stinky smooch.

P.S. In 2010, this dude made a Nazi salute in the chamber and he has also recently compared Europe’s influx of migrants to “excrement”. Seems like a rational dude.

[h/t Joe]

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