Outrage Police Shame Steve Martin Into Deleting ‘Insensitive’ Tribute Tweet To Carrie Fisher

by 2 years ago

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Yep, that’s the tweet Steve Martin was bullied into deleting. The Outrage Police is at it again trying to own the death narrative of a celebrity they’ve never met, making it about them by being the self-appointed arbiters of what adjectives someone can describe a late friend by.   New York Magazine shamed Steve Martin with the following blurb:

So remember Fisher for her immense talent, her outspoken feminism, and her moving commentary on mental health — not for the way she looked onscreen.

Imagine one of your friends passing, God forbid, and a random loser from high school commenting on your Facebook post tribute to your fallen friend telling you how to feel, how exactly to assess the effect that person has had on your life. How fucking intrusive and self-indulgent is that shit. We’ve reached a point where you can’t say someone’s beautiful without people assuming that’s the only thing you value them for. If Shakespeare lived in 2016, he would be berated and shamed for being a misogynist, and would likely be bullied into never creating all those poems I avoided reading in high school. It’s fucking sad that one of the most daring comedians in decades felt he needed to delete a tribute to a friend because of some softie who was hugged too much as a kid deemed it ‘inappropriate.’ Suck my left nut.

Here is a reminder that all hope is not lost:

P.S. If your full-time job at Cinnabon is to be their social media guy and you don’t drop a bun joke on Carrie Fisher’s passing, I’m not sure you’re qualified for the position.


Don’t you dare dele—AH FUCK.

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