Is Every Guy On Tinder A Douchebag Who Works In Finance? This Girl Seems To Think So

I’m not a chick and I don’t use Tinder, but I do know a few things…

First of all, not one of the guys in this video looks like a typical finance douche. Do they all look like a douche of a different kind, sure, but they don’t check the “finance douche” box. That’s a very specific look and it takes years of work to master. Calling these guys “finance douches” is an insult to those who put hours into their craft.

Secondly, what do chicks who use Tinder expect? It’s a way to get laid. That’s the long and short of it. You don’t swipe right 200 times a day if you’re looking for anything other than Ms. Right Now, or Ms. Last Call. According to the old man in their TV commercial, that’s what eHarmony is for. Tinder, not so much.