What If Everybody Ran?

What would the world be like if everybody ran? This is not the premise of a futuristic Jerry Bruckheimer flick — although that would be pretty cool. Free idea, Hollywood. Take it.

The question was posed to the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School by Mizuno Running. After many late nights at the library and number-crunching, we now have their findings. And they are illuminating.

In addition to personal health improvements, the mass migration to the streets would have several impacts on the world, including:

  • $130 billion in health care savings
  • Increase of more than $47 billion to the national GDP
  • Nearly 2 billion pounds of total weight loss
  • 10 percent increase in household earning potential
  • 5 million fewer hospital visits

For a more complete view of this brave new world, visit What If Everybody Ran?

It’s hard to see the negative in a more bipedal-driven existence. The findings might even get your lazy bones up off the couch for a much-needed jog (soft j, of course).