If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews: ‘How Many People Here Are Douchebags Like You?’

So you’ve updated your résumé with some more advanced words from Thesaurus.com than your paltry third grade vocabulary allows, you’ve exaggerated your position from your old job at a shady import/export business from, “Intern Who Gets Coffee For The Boss” to “Executive Assistant To CEO Of Major International Company,” and you’ve dug out your crumpled suit that was forgotten about in the trunk of your car since your nana’s funeral in 2011 and reeks of rotting flesh because your “friends” thought it would be funny to put a dead rat in your trunk. Now it’s time for your job interview! Sadly one of the most important events in your professional life is nothing but a bunch of lies. You’re flat-out lying to them that you’re actually a “highly motivated individual seeking to make the company the greatest in the world,” and the employer is lying right to your face saying, “There’s enormous growth potential for you to move up the company ladder in no time.” So with all this egregious dishonesty wouldn’t it save all parties involved a lot of valuable time if everyone just told the truth? Turns out that telling the truth in a job interview would save a lot of time and would be hysterical as we see in this hilarious video from BuzzFeed.