Two Minute Video On The Evolution Of The Bikini Really A Commentary On America’s Moral Decline In The 20th Century

by 4 years ago

This brief video purports solely to show the evolution of bikinis in America over the past 125 years, from 1890 to 2015.

It features former Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny.

But that’s not what this video is about, and we know it. It’s about the moral degradation of the United States, the failure and unfulfilled promises of the American Century, and the slow, but all-consuming creep of hollowness and hedonism that we’ve affected upon this planet.


When was America strongest? The 1890s, when we were treated to the fiery passion of William Jennings Bryan and his adamant anti-gold standard rhetoric? The 1910s, when Woodrow Wilson sought to bring about a lasting world peace? The 1940s, when we actually fought for freedom?

Look at the bikinis then.




Strong, simple suits. The kind that wouldn’t stir the loins of men nearby. Respectable. Humble.

Contrast those to the swimwear of America’s worst decades: The tumultuous 60s, the stagnant 80s, and the malaise of the 2000s.




I rest my case.

If Barack Obama knows what’s good for his legacy, his last act in office will be to ban two pieces. Nothing good happens in the world when women are wearing revealing swimwear.

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