Guy’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Parents Won $47 Mil In The Lottery, Internet Is Mocking Him As The ‘Unluckiest Ex’ Online



28-year-old Grant Robinson is getting the shit kicked out of him online after friends and family discovered that the parents of his ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Lisa Martin, had won $47 million dollars in the UK lottery. You think you know what regret is? Imagine having dated someone who just won the lottery and then thinking back to all the things you could’ve done to fix that relationship: put the toilet seat down a little more often, wash a dish here or there, maybe mow the lawn once in a blue moon — you know, regular shit. Just a few improvements and maybe, just MAYBE, your relationship could’ve progressed to you possibly inheriting $47 million dollars.

Realizing that Grant is probably kicking himself right now, his friends got together to do the one thing that friends are there for: kick you even more. Preferably kicking you while you’re down on the ground, then after a while moving on to beating a dead horse once the joke gets old. According to Daily Mail,

Grant Robinson, 28, is being teased on social media after it was revealed 26-year-old recruitment manager Lisa Martin is his old flame.

She told this morning how she’d just left a gym in Australia when she had to hurriedly congratulate her parents over the phone for scooping £33million because she was going to be late for work.

But when David and Carol Martin’s massive jackpot was made public it didn’t take long for the man who dated their daughter seven years ago to get a good ribbing.

One posted an old photograph of a shocked-looking Mr Robinson to Facebook, captioning it: ‘When you realise your ex-girlfriend’s parents just won £33 million on the lottery!’

grant robinson 1








Luckily for Grant, he and Lisa broke up several years ago so the wound isn’t too fresh — although Lisa IS a bit of a smoke:



[H/T Daily Mail]

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