Old Guy Gets His Head Caught In Hotel Exercise Machine But I Can’t Figure Out Which Machine And WTF He Was Doing

Unattended gyms and fitness centers are the most dangerous places on earth.

You know the type of place — it’s got a ton of equipment and random people going in and out all day but absolutely no one is running the place. There’s just a sign that says “work out at your own risk” but it gets completely ignored but everyone, including old guys who get their heads jammed into equipment.

“He fell off the machine and he got caught up in the weight machine,” May said.

It appears the hotel guest was using a piece of equipment to work out his shoulders when the mishap occurred. Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue’s Technical Rescue Team was called to help free him from the machinery and prepped torches and saws. But before they started cutting and torching, another rescue crew manipulated the man’s head out of the machine using a bar, May said.

I’m at an ABSOLUTE LOSS as to what the fuck he could have been doing. He’s working out his shoulders so I’m assuming it’s a lat pulldown machine. Did he fall forward and get his head caught between the two bars? What the…

Anyone have any guesses?

[via Sun Sentinel]

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