This Bama Fan Jumping Out Of An Exploding SUV While Driving It Into A River Is The Most Epic Video You’ll See Today

The word ‘epic’ is tossed around pretty loosely on the Internet, with ‘Most Epic XXXX Ever’ headlines being used thousands of times each day on sites like Viralnova and all the Viralnova clones of the web. That said, this is in fact the MOST EPIC car explosion video I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and I’m not one to toot my own horn but I’ve seen at least three car explosion videos, so yah, I’m kind of a big deal. This video popped up late yesterday afternoon on Reddit and it is the culmination of a weekend’s worth of work, a Labor Day Weekend in which a few ‘Bama fans got together to blow up an SUV, jump it over a creek/stream/river, and film themselves jumping out of the fiery SUV in slow-motion. This video really, really makes me miss The South:

20 years from now when you try and think back on your 2015 Labor Day Weekend chances are that you won’t be able to remember a single detail, but these bros will. They’ll always have this epic footage of them jumping from the exploding SUV over water (shot in slow-mo), and the only time this footage will come back to bite them in their asses is when they have kids who grow up to pull stupid stunts themselves and can be all ‘Dad, you can’t lecture me. Don’t you remember that video you filmed on LDW in 2015?’

Best Labor Day Weekend ever? Best Labor Day Weekend ever.

If you’re wondering how/why/where all this went down, these are the few details I was able to glean from OP’s Reddit comments:

How did you get the truck out of the water???
Out at a friends farm. Just pulled it out with a tractor!

Yep, the south had more fun than I did last weekend.
Football, beer, and flying flaming vehicles. Roll tide.

He’s jumping a SUV—through burning wood/grass/coals—with no door or seat belt—jumps out mid-flight—but he’s worried about getting water in his nose?
Safety first!

That’s all the detail we’ve got to go on here….Well, we’ve got those comments AND all the comments on YouTube calling him a little boy for plugging his nose as he was jumping out of a flaming vehicle and landing into a river. You’d think that these commenters would realize that it was probably to avoid smoke inhalation, and has nothing to do with getting water up his nose. But none of that matters, because this is in fact the most epic car explosion video I’ve ever seen on the Internet.