Re-Create the Death Star Explosion With a Water Bottle and Some Molten Steel

star wars death star explosion

When you think of molten steel in a vat, you probably flashback to the final scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when Arnold is slowly lowered into the vat and gives the thumbs up.

terminator 2 judgment day thumbs up

It’s a classy way to go. Had the real Arnold jumped into the vat, well, you get a reaction similar to the one that happens after the :27 mark in this video…

The same reason why you shouldn’t throw a water bottle into 2500-degree Fahrenheit molten steel is why you shouldn’t pour water on a kitchen grease fire. Because water expands at a ridiculously fast rate when it meets such hot, hot, heat.

According to the description:

“The furnace is pouring the steel into the ladle so the surface of molten metal is 10 to 20 below the camera view. The thrower knew what would happen, he probably threw the bottle and ran for one of the ‘bomb shelters’ that are on the edges of the furnace deck”

One YouTube commenter compared it to “when you haven’t jacked off in months”. Yeah, right. Who doesn’t jack off for months?

Another pointed out “You know how in T2 Judgement Day at the end of the movie how all the workers at the steel mill panicked when the truck hauling liquid nitrogen crashed into it? This is what would’ve happened to the ENTIRE facility if the truck had actually fallen into the steel.” Dammit! Why didn’t we see that? What’s your problem, James Cameron? Why ya gotta blue ball us?

Via Nerdist

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