The New Face of Public Transportation in D.C. is Adolf Hitler

Washington, D.C.’s public transportation system, already the bane of many of the city’s residents, is about to piss off a lot more people.

That’s because, over the next month, a new set of ads on the sides of 20 Metro buses will display the face of history’s most-reviled man: Adolf Hitler.

And what is everyone’s favorite Führer selling now? Pop soda? P90X classes? A slightly incongruous message about supporting the Jewish state by ending aid to Muslim countries?

The correct answer is pop soda.

Just kidding. It’s Israel. Somehow. The American Freedom Defense Initiative is running the ads, which show Hitler talking to Islamic leaders during World War II.

The ads imply that because the U.S. in 2014 gives aid to Islamic nations, we too are plotting the eventual slaughter of all the citizens of Zion. Or something like that.

Thusly, the American Freedom Defense Initiative wants America to stop giving aid to Muslim countries.

The ads are running in response to what the AFDI deemed ‘vicious Jew-hating ads … unleashed on Washington DC Metro buses last month.’

Because tit-for-tat always works.

The ad, which you can see below, uses the real Hitler, and not Hitler fish from up above. Unfortunately.

[H/T Gawker]