Facebook Is Building A Private App Called ‘Moments’ So You Can Share Things With People You Give A Shit About



Mark Zuckerberg is tinkering around in his workshop again. Today the news of a new Facebook app called “Moments” hit the Internet. The idea is that Moments will be a social network to share things with the people you, like, actually give a shit about. In short, it’s for people with enough tact to realize your great Aunt Patsy doesn’t need to read your diatribe on Benghazi.

I think? Here’s a breakdown from TechCrunch:

One source likened Moments to the mobile app Cluster, which lets people create safe “spaces” for sharing content with small groups of people like family, best friends, high school buddies, or co-workers. Moments will similarly let people share to different subsets of their total friend list using a more visual design. This should be more comfortable for people than the tiny text-based privacy selector on their News Feed composer which relies on little-used Friend Lists.

Moments could help people who’ve:

  • Shared a status with too many or too few people by accident because they didn’t understand Facebook’s privacy setttings
  • Don’t share often or censor themselves because they don’t want to blast what they’re doing or thinking to all their friends and acquaintances
  • Switched to private messaging for intimate sharing, but would prefer the more orderly style of feedback instead of haphazard replies
  • Been embarrassed by friends and family mixing in the comment reels of your photos, like when Mom recounts how you cried when you got cut from the soccer team…in full view of your new crush.

Moments could be easier to use because it merely needs you to carve out subsets of the connections you already have on Facebook. The social network has also reached ubiquity, which means you’ll likely be able to pick from your closest friends and family members when choosing who to share with on Moments because they’re already on Facebook.

Go read the full thing over at Tech Crunch. Does this sound like something you’d actually use? Comments in the comments!